Model Predictive Control (MPC) computes a feedback control by repeatedly solving (open loop) optimal control problems

Numerical Optimal Control

Coordination: Prof. Dr. Kurt Chudej
Contact: Prof. Dr. Kurt Chudej

Represented in MODUS since 2016

Members with experience in this area:

The method "Numerical Optimal Control":

How does it work?

Standard optimal control problems s.t. ode-constraints can be solved today efficently by direct methods. Thereby the optimal control problem is substituted by a big nonlinear optimization problem. The solution of coupled ode-pde optimal control problems is more challenging. Here a detailed (index) analysis is necessary for finding a suitable formulation, which can be used afterwards by a suitable numerical algorithm.

Where have we applied it?

The members of MODUS have in particular made important contributions by finding new theoretical results and also by solving complicated real-life optimal control problems from a variety of applications, e.g.:

University of Bayreuth -